"❝My Redpup. My sunset hound.❞ ♥"

"My little flower. My beacon of hope.
                                         My friend.” 

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—Favored company was a different matter.

Intrepid was the marginal bliss to push aside the dull exterior, dainty simper grown from the sight of carmine coat. Alleviation to exhaustion was the gift from a friend and he could only bequeath a nod of flaxen halo to the other; door closed in the meanwhile.

Guess I’ve got no choice.

Light banter in the midst of private silence, leather soles moved across floorboards. And a gloved palm would be directed unto scarlet crown, giving a light pat to an old friend.

How’ve you been, Nanaki?


Such had been a gesture he would accept only from those whom he held dear. A simple touch it was, yet it had been all he needed to discern the status of his friend. Relieved, relaxed, safe—it was a rare instance to see the swordsman in such a blatantly-pleasant mood. Nanaki could only chuckle in response to it.

"I have been well," truly he had been, although he missed his comrades dearly, "but it’s been a little slow back home.”

He exercised a shrug; ember-lit tail flicking from side to side as he did. “The time has almost come for me to revisit the Cave of Gi—to see my father again,” he blurted suddenly—perhaps a bit hopefully.

"If your delivery service can stand the delay—or if you’re—you know, bored, you should consider accompanying me.”



{✿— “That’s a silly way to make an entrance.”

 ”Really? I thought I looked rather cool.”



 ”—…It’s pronounced: Nanaki.”

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   /screams bc how did 300 followers happen i haven’t even been here???

I will get to work on a giveaway—or maybe something else to reward you guys for your bad decision making. Once I get home from work, that is! :)



We’re closed. Try tomorrow.

—Apathy exposed inner a exhausted tone for all to see, though emphasis had been garnished to the affirmation of the establishment’s status.

And he was far too tired to care if they happened to take offense.

"Can’t you make an exception for an old friend?"

Had he been anything less than proud, the experiment would have pawed at the door—he even considered it for the sake of humor; however, he merely proceeded to saunter past the “gatekeeper”, firmly planting his rump on the ground—defiantly, of course.

“Yes. Yes, you can.”



      Looks like I’m gonna have’ta leave again.

  “I wonder which dishes she’ll throw this time.
      I mean—where must you go now?”

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  I’m in dire need of a non-conversation/banter-y thread. 


ooc: I feel as if I have been here for a long time, and maybe it has been, but a lot has happened over these years not only with my chosen muse, but also with myself and those around me. When I was going through my follow list and writing up the names which will be included in this follow forever, I noticed how long some of you have been following me and how long you have known/interacted with me. It’s a very long time. Maybe I’m surprised that a lot of you have been with me so long or that you have remained here. I feel flattered that you have stuck around long enough to watch my muse grow and that you are happy with my portrayal. I never would have thought that the number of you would reach so high — some of you new, most of you old — and I guess I’m still trying to process just how many of you there are. Of course, it would be impossible for me to interact with every single one of you and I wish I could. But sometimes I just like watching from afar and keeping up with how your own plot-lines are going. When I am unable to write, I sit down and read the dash and all that. I like seeing the variety in writing styles, the different interpretations of a character, and most of all how much fun people have with what they do. I have had my ups and downs in the community, but I remain because I am still having fun despite the stresses of real life. 

The list below consists of people I have known from the beginning, of those I interact with often, and of those who inspire me even if I do not interact them. Some of them are just a joy to see on the dash, and some are just so considerate that their words make me feel better. I only hope I haven’t missed anyone out, and I was too lazy to sort if all into alphabetical order because I’m super cray cray lazy e_e Also apologies if there are any spelling mistakes welp. But here goes:

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